BusinessPlus CFO Cash Flow Optimization

BusinessPlus CFO helps finance and treasury departments save time and money by offering reliable cash flow forecasting, significant working capital improvements and flexible treasury automation. It aims to optimize the working capital and even maximize capital gains for businesses large and small. It provides cash visibility and traceability - bridging the gap between the CFO, AR/ AP, treasury and the company’s multiple bankers.

The platform is unique in its category because of the seamless integration with Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) regulated local banks and accounting systems. BusinessPlus CFO is empowered with the ability to drill down and reconcile transaction level details between accounting books and bank statements for risk and fraud management. On the other hand, it is also equipped with a user-defined workflow approval engine in which payments and investment decisions are made confidently with full audit trail.

With the application of smart logic and artificial intelligence in customer & vendor payment behavior, BusinessPlus CFO assures much more accurate working capital forecasts. Companies will be better able to predict the cash outcomes and avoid surprises. With greater visibility into cash and payments, company executives can make smarter financial decisions, optimize liquidity and improve forecasting.

User-defined smart notification & alert engines are embedded on BusinessPlus CFO mobile App so that senior executives on-the-go can be notified for immediate market trends and actionable insights.

BusinessPlus CFO's AI-powered customer and supplier verification helps you strengthen both customers and supplier relationships and mitigate financial risk. With real-time data and integrated banking open API integration, it protects your business against FX risk and interest rate volatility at ease.


Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Banking Open API

Open API allows financial institutions to open up their internal IT systems and data for programmatic access by third-party service providers (TSPs) or their counterparts in an open and documented manner. Leveraging the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) banking open API initiatives, BusinessPlus CFO is a next-generation cash flow and working capital management platform in the digital banking age. With banking open APIs, companies can consolidate bank account information to have a centralized view on their cash assets and enhance overall banking effectiveness. Besides, it allows the companies to compare bank product rates in order to reduce transaction processing costs.

BusinessPlus CFO integrates seamlessly with accounting systems & e-banking systems. It allows users to drill down to the transaction level details for reconciliation. In addition, an intelligent task management engine enables companies to obtain bank offers real-time online and take treasury actions according to their company policies. As a result, finance and treasury departments can be turned into business catalysts for cash generation opportunities throughout the company.

Designed for maximum control and agility, BusinessPlus CFO supports integration with multiple e-bankings and ERP invoice payment processing in a secure network environment. You can set up predefined payment runs in a controlled manner to boost efficiency and shore up your fraud defenses. Connectivity and transactions data processing (e.g. e-payments and FPS) with banks are safeguarded in a well protected system infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence in Cash Flow Management

BusinessPlus CFO will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate insights for CFO to better make decisions that meet the needs of their enterprises. However, humans are frequently kept in the loop in cash flow management while leveraging AI-generated insights to make educated decisions.

Maximize Cash - Optimize return on cash and reduce borrowing costs by gaining deeper insights into your cash position and forecast.

Having strong cash flow can help an enterprise get better financing, find a customer, and pay for suppliers. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are assisting CFO and business owners in making better underwriting judgments by including several indicators that more correctly analyze previously underrepresented operation risks and market opportunities in the financial management decision-making process.

To maximize cash , you need to improve the quality of your cash flow forecasts in order to better anticipate changes in banking positions. Furthermore, you need to provide a real-time view of changes in working capital requirements so that financial resources are properly allocated to support enterprise growth.

Reduce Financial Risk - Guarantee liquidity with AI-driven fraud controls and hedge financial risks, such as FX and interest volatility.

Companies shift money, make payments, deposit cheques, trade stocks, and much more through online accounts and smartphone apps each day, resulting in massive amounts of digital transactions. Apart from banks or financial institutions, companies must now increase their own protection and fraud monitoring measures to facilitate these digital transactions internally across the enterprises. Due to this, artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in strengthening the security of digital banking and electronic payments.

In today’s heightened business and regulatory climate, organizations should minimize the risk of payment fraud with integrated risk mitigation, vendor verification and artificial intelligence. BusinessPlus CFO can detect suspicious activities with a central vendor database and streamline payment approval using validation status in order to prevent fraudulent payments.

Enhance Operational Performance - Drive efficiency with in-house bank functionalities and even digital financial assistant to service internal users.

BusinessPlus CFO comes with an AI-chatbot (“CFO Assistant”) which can offload certain financial tasks at Finance & Accounts Department such as answering payment and settlement status queries raised by departmental users even when it’s out of office hours.

BusinessPlus CFO Assistant, which employs natural language processing and artificial intelligence, can deliver bespoke financial management monitoring and reliable self-help employee assistance. BusinessPlus CFO can empower the department users in tracking their expenditure and checking real-time budget availability and approval status.


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