BusinessPlus is a division of FlexSystem Limited focused on facilitating digitalization of corporate processes for workforce productivity enhancement and financial control compliance enforcement. In specific, our team are experts in delivering enterprise spend management solutions such as e-Procurement Management, Expense Management and Project Management.

Our comprehensive family of ready software applications are built around core business management concepts and capabilities derived from 30 years of real-world experience serving back-office departments including Finance, Procurement, HR & Admin and IT Support.

Apart from engineering contracting, professional consulting and marketing services, most enterprises manage their business in the perspective of "project". Project costing and project management concepts are deeply implanted in business system development of every BusinessPlus products. Every BusinessPlus modules can work independently and/or integrate with any other modules to adapt to different business scenarios and stepwise implementation schedule.

BusinessPlus understands that companies consider a long list of requirements and even delivery methods when purchasing a business system software to automate their business operations. In addition to optimized standard business applications, we are pleased to fine-tune programs to satisfy specific business needs and further enrich functionality of BusinessPlus suite.

Developed locally in Hong Kong - Asia’s World City, BusinessPlus suite is a blend of international management insights and local operation wisdom for productivity growth. In particular, it is well positioned to offer unique solutions for companies in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia Pacific regions.

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Uniqueness of BusinessPlus



Embedded with pre-built transactional data management, BusinessPlus solutions offers strong analytic capability as compared with traditional e-form workflow approval. It delivers business value for enterprises looking for financial management, operational efficiency and compliance.



On top of managing income and expenditure for enterprises, BusinessPlus provides a platform to consolidate every facets of projects so that profitability and cash flow of projects can be easily obtained. Management can effectively monitor the costs against pre-defined projects budget planner on labour time cost, materials purchase and non-PO expenses.



Riding on advanced multi-tier system architecture, BusinessPlus can cater for mixed O/S environments nowadays in business world ranging from Windows and Mac in desktop to HTML5 responsive web in mobile devices to native mobile APPs of Android and iOS. On-cloud or on-premises is just a matter of choice.



BusinessPlus offers comprehensive off-the-shelf modules for direct adoption supporting continuous growth and expansion of the company with standard level of service and efficiency. BusinessPlus can be delivered in various models like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), private cloud and on-premises solutions so that companies can choose their best-fit model both financially and technically.