Top 10 Benefits from Going Digital for Project Management

Embracing Change in the Digital Era through Automation

Managing a business at the highest level is a challenge in itself but when you add segments like projects complexity increases fast. Project Management in the digital era creates a paperless environment and value by giving you real time control.


Standardisation of Process

Achieving a consistent structure for projects removes silos by standardising tasks to drive powerful multi-currency project co-ordination across multiple locations. New projects and their related sub-tasks and work order hierarchies, including due dates, can be added quickly by utilising pre-existing templates. These templates coupled with initial staff resource scheduling will drive initial estimates for your customers or internal stakeholders.


Approvals Made Easier

Real time Project Management empowers project members or authorised representatives to update and allocate time to projects in pre-definable time units @anytime @anywhere and enables the production of daily and weekly timesheet entries including those relating to leave.


Follow Up Tasks by Right Person

Allows for tight project control, with exception handling capability, through tiered workflow approvals, including those that might require involvement from other departmental stakeholders. Shortens turnaround time through project managers being able to deploy or re-allocate the right person for each work order or job through notifications and alerts via email. Enables the booking and management of overtime with reference to actual clock time. Notifications to wearables is also supported.


Enforce Compliance for Costs and Resources

Manpower utilisation costs per function can be consistently managed across projects and across effective date ranges, through the use of an hourly rate table for both timesheets and work progress reports.


Process Alignment

Facilitating data capture from different departments enables real time visibility for project managers by giving them instant reference to relevant photographic images and documents for proof of work done. Invoicing for deposits, billing or x-charging is highly flexible and can be achieved at multiple levels, whether it be based on contract billing, time & materials, fixed cost, projects or time and materials. Outstanding invoices can be identified for follow up action through notifications and alerts.


Streamlined Inter Departmental Processes

Fully integrates with granular access control into other applications for visibility into “Procure to Pay” cycles, expense management details for T&E, and HR related information.


Audit Trail and Compliance

Documents and attachments for expenses, including time sheets for works orders, are all controlled at a detailed level and grouped by projects for each task, thereby allowing you quick search access.


Process Refinement to Drive Productivity

Process flows and assignment of the right resources at the right time are agile providing ongoing flexibility to achieve customer focused results.


Reporting @ Anytime @Anywhere - Analytical Insights and Real Time Visibility

For full real time project visibility granular multi-level stakeholder groups, or individual reporting for different levels of staff, can be granted as required per project or across multiple projects through the use of the prebuilt reports or through use of the Document Designer or the in-app pivot type reporting tool.

Projects and timing distributions @any level for revenues, costs (direct and indirect overheads), and cash flows can be produced and distributed automatically. Full multi-dimensional analytics can be undertaken for performance clarity including performance per employee, profit by category, most profitable project function, and time taken per task to enable corrective actions or further value creation.

Notifications re actual cf planned budget values can be auto produced for distressed & late projects or work orders with on screen colour coding enabling quick identification of such projects. Version control enables confusion to be avoided on printed reports.


Security and Encryptions

Passcode, biometric options and data encryptions @rest @transit ensures data security throughout the process for desktop and mobile devices. Lost devices can be managed with optional mobile device management solutions that come with data deletion capability on device loss thereby providing additional safety in operations for mobile devices.

In conclusion real time control and management of projects enables high levels of customer satisfaction to be achieved through the tight granular control of the underlying resources, sub projects and work orders that all must come together to enable task completion. Fast corrective actions not only saves time, but prevents any troublesome area executions from escalating out of control.