Top 10 Benefits from Going Digital for Procurement and Sourcing

Embracing Change in the Digital Era through Automation

Managing strategic e-sourcing and e-procurement purchasing related activity and inventory is a painstaking process. Streamlining procure to pay processes for employees empowers purchasing professionals to spend their time more productively on supplier management and price negotiations.


Standardisation of Process

Standardisation of processes for all employees to handle the full auditable and repeatable procurement to payment cycle from the raising of a purchase order, through vendor management and quotation stages, to the matching of goods receipts and the subsequent payment process.


Approvals Made Easier

Approval routing is based on conditional single or multi-level flows that might also include specific products or value amount ranges. Access to multiple images @anywhere supports the approval process to remove avoidable errors.


Follow Up Tasks by Right Person

Process flows ensure that the right personnel are involved in the process to facilitate operational integrity at all times. Streamlined processes aid faster approvals through notifications @anywhere to relevant stakeholders to advise them that their attention is needed in the process; notifications to wearables is also supported.


Enforce Compliance for Costs and Resources

End result sees only authorised documents being processed for approved product and supplier combinations. Allowable item classifications are released to specific and authorised suppliers, with the process ensuring that payments are only made for correctly and timely delivered goods and services.


Process Alignment

Invoices are matched quickly and efficiently and payments to suppliers are only made in accordance with goods and services received.


Streamlined Inter Departmental Processes

Increased efficiencies from the streamlining of processes and communications between relevant departments for recording financial, inventory and asset based transactions. Ability to undertake comprehensive workflows through the leverage of internal or external workflow solution sets.

Effective communication-bridge of deliveries and payments between accounts and purchasing departments with inventory being updated as required during storage and dispatch processes, with any receipts and returns being easily matched against originating orders.


Audit Trail and Compliance

Enhanced process management avoids miscommunications through approved employees having clear access to version controls between purchase orders and purchase requisitions. Compliance is enforced from the beginning of any process so that bottom-lines are continually secured, with comprehensive budget checking against “pre-defined spending budgets” being undertaken per cost centre during the requisition process. Default supplier management is enforced as part of the process by automatically compiling purchase orders in required formats from underlying purchase requisitions.


Process Refinement to Drive Productivity

An assessment and grading capability for continued and ongoing refinement of product and supplier combinations maintains a quality focus.


Reporting @ Anytime @Anywhere - Analytical Insights and Real Time Visibility

Comprehensive access available to multi-dimensional summary or detailed reports, either automatically through scheduled notifications or on-demand. Flexibility to produce documents as required is provided through the use of the “Document Designer” or the online in-app pivot type enquiry and reporting tool.


Security and Encryptions

Passcode, biometric options and data encryptions @rest @transit ensures data security throughout the process for desktop and mobile devices. Lost devices can be managed with optional mobile device management solutions that come with data deletion capability on device loss thereby providing additional safety in operations for mobile devices.

In conclusion a comprehensive solution for e-sourcing and e-procurement that has been designed to keep business processes and payments in line within budgetary and operational constraints from the start to the end, and that ensures ongoing compliance through the use of authorised suppliers throughout the procurement to payment cycle.