Top 10 Benefits from Going Digital for Employee Request Management

Embracing Change in the Digital Era through Automation

Automates the employee self-service cycle from request creation to approval and execution, whilst providing ap-propriate process controls. Employee requests for overtime & leave application, business trip expenses, payment requests and timesheets are examples of what can be submitted, reviewed and authorized electronically using either web browser or native mobile apps. The effectiveness and efficiency of these administrative tasks over tra-ditional spreadsheets, through the use of this centralized web-based employee request management platform, will save time and add value.


Standardisation of Process

Various f‌inance and administrative functions can be well organised, with minimal IT effort, into collaborative self-service based desktop or mobile driven processes with all operating as an easy to use unif‌ied platform. Pro-cesses can be run as independent non-payroll based systems or can be extensible to include application for leave entitlement with or without balance calculation.


Approvals Made Easier

Enables management to review and monitor process approvals @anytime, @anywhere through desktop or mobile with access to appropriate attachments such as doctor’s certif‌icates. Approvals and compliance are achieved through role based approvals and optimised through the use of exception alerts to appropriate staff or those acting in a delegated role, even for the most complex processes.


Follow Up Tasks by Right Person

Routing rules and multi-level approvals, together with full budget visibility if appropriate, facilitates management and provides both an agile and controlled review environment with appropriate commentary back to employees.


Enforce Compliance for Costs and Resources

Enables business logic to be def‌ined for more complex enterprise processes through the use of highly conf‌igu-rable workflows together with any required departmental hierarchies and appropriate segregation of duties.


Process Alignment

Enforcing compliant processes ensure that managers, when granting approvals @anywhere, are doing so in full visibility of underlying information, including those harder to track approved but not yet processed items, and where appropriate ensuring that those required multi-level approval flows for higher value or strategic items are done in a timely manner with the appropriate level of staff.


Streamlined Inter Departmental Processes

Increased efficiencies from the streamlining of processes and communications between relevant departments for recording financial, inventory and asset based transactions. Ability to undertake comprehensive workf‌lows through the leverage of internal or external workf‌low solution sets. Supports allocations seamlessly mapped to detailed cost centres. Timesheets can also integrate with project management to show labour based project ac-tivities, and ensure that all work undertaken is effectively invoiced to relevant party.


Audit Trail and Compliance

Document actions are saved in archived log f‌iles and by batch for compliance checking and real time status tracking. Approval history together with data f‌ield entries are documented and embedded throughout the end to end process to enhance the eff‌iciency of required data compliance audits. Access to systems can be maintained, controlled and authenticated at a granular level through the support of active directory single sign on and change logs.


Process Refinement to Drive Productivity

Process f‌lows and assignment of the right resources at the right time are agile providing ongoing f‌lexibility to achieve customer focused results.


Reporting @Anytime @Anywhere - Analytical Insights and Real Time Visibility

Comprehensive access with version control to both multi-dimensional summary and detailed information. Ability to leverage graphs and data grids through the use of notif‌ications and on demand or scheduled prebuilt reports. Additional design and access through the use of the Document Designer or the online in-app pivot type enquiry and reporting tool.

Sophisticated ranking and time sequential data movements enables exceptions, ratios, trends and different groupings to be undertaken instantly by domain users with no technical training. Includes powerful and us-er-friendly pivot table functionality with popular computational functionality; for example “Sort Value, Date Field, Condition Field, Ratio, Variation and Summary”.


Security and Encryptions

Passcode, biometric options and data encryptions @rest @transit ensures data security throughout any process for desktop and mobile devices. Lost devices can be managed with optional mobile device management solu-tions that come with data deletion capability on device loss thereby providing additional safety in operations for mobile devices.

In conclusion embracing digital processes for employee request management enables processes to be stan-dardised and always executed with compliance. Processes are auditable and repeatable and are able to work inter-departmentally to reduce friction on an overall basis, freeing up time for other value creation work.