About Flexsystem

Why FlexSystem
FlexSystem is staffed by around 350 staff and is one of the leading business software houses in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong with 8 additional offices in the region, we thrive in leveraging the latest technologies in order to bring added business value to our customers. We develop both packaged and specialist software applications, represent some global software brands and have a strong Systems Integration capability across multiple market sectors.

FlexSystem touches 1 in every 10 of the 2,000 customers on the Forbes 2000 list, 25% of companies within HKEX index and has helped an international base of private and public companies from over 42 countries to strive for business excellence across the world.

How Are We Structured
FlexSystem is flat structured like a start-up. We have more than fifteen autonomous regional commercial teams that leverage core FlexSystem technologies into specific vertical markets. We also have some central teams for R&D as well as R&D capability within specific teams; and create ad-hoc development teams / solution teams that come together for specific projects. This approach keeps the company nimble and able to respond quickly to market or underlying technology changes as well as absorbing large projects into the organization.

Our Tech Credentials
FlexSystem is a pioneer in leveraging technology to bring useful innovation to help our customers to achieve meaningful incremental changes within their business. Recent examples would be the launch of in-memory systems in 2011 and GPU based in-memory systems in 2013, the latter utilizing the multi-cores within a GPU to supercharge processing. In addition our US patent– pending Visualisation tool provides a visual exploratory tool to users with both innovations being designed to achieve ad-hoc or planned tasks quickly and easily. Everything we do is cloud ready, mobile enabled and our 5-tier FESA architecture provides a web service environment that supports HTML5, Java, Silverlight and Flash.

Looking at each of the macro technology changes being Cloud, Mobile, Social, and Big Data, FlexSystem is innovating and pioneering in each of these areas in the context of what they mean to our business software users.

Business Know-How
With over 27 years in the business sector, our application teams have detailed domain knowledge in business related software and System Integration know-how so that we are able to make systems work together across the enterprise.

What Do We offer
For R&D based personnel, we provide an environment that fosters innovation and that enables developers to work with latest technologies with the prime goal of helping customers achieve their business objectives.

For commercial based personnel, we offer modern business software that customers want across multiple industries in both the public and private sectors.

What Do We Expect From You
We want you to help FlexSystem grow through your hard work, your social networking skills, and be able to collaborate with others. You must be pragmatic, have strong problem solving skills and want to become part of a diverse team that is on a strategic journey. Above all else you must have integrity and wake up in the morning excited to come to work.

Top Reasons to Work at FlexSystem
With the ability to make a difference and be involved within a business sector that moves with incredible speed FlexSystem is at the beginning of an exciting strategic journey in a region that is destined to be bustling for many years to come. With touch points in the newest and hottest areas of IT, FlexSystem is always seeking practical applications of the newest technology that will enhance the user experience.

Corporate Culture
With a passion to achieve business goals and as long term strategic thinkers FlexSystem’s management has navigated the company through change whether that be the fast and ever changing world of technology, financial shock’s such as those in 1997 and the financial crisis and unusual events such as SARS.

FlexSystem has a “can-do” attitude and being organized into smaller teams. The atmosphere is friendly, competitive and it achieves the operational balance between being both a large company and a small company at the same time. In essence, an employee friendly and rewarding place to work will make you a difference and grow within the organization.